Friday, July 29, 2011

Tips for Better Sports Betting

Tips for Better Sports Betting

Betting is perhaps the most exciting as well as the most profitable business. If you understand how betting is done and follow certain tips, you can convert the odds in your favor. The tips discussed below can help you significantly if you wish to make your betting business profitable.

Money Management

Betting involves money and this is precisely why you need to manage your money well. Risks are profitable only if they are well thought-out. One of the most important tips given by expert bettors is that you shouldn’t go over the top with your betting. If the bet brings more losses than you can afford, it is pointless to place large bets. Any sport carries the risk of unpredictability. There are instances when you lose a lot of money in a single game and to compensate for the losses, you bet large sums of money. This is the easiest route to bankruptcy. Money management is essential in betting and it is always profitable if the bets are spread out over several different games, provided you do the required research in advance. When you lose a bet, it is natural that you would feel miserable. However, this is no excuse for reckless betting. Always consider the long-term gain when you are betting, and you will certainly get it right when you do not chase your bets.

Number Selection

Although it might sound very trivial, number selection is one of the most important aspects in sports betting. Different Sportsbooks will have different numbers for different games, and you should always look to bet on the best numbers. Since the numbers are based on the betting habits of bettors, bookmakers keep changing the numbers. Hence, make sure that you are betting on the right number if you do not wish to lose money.

No Alcohol While Betting

This is a point stressed on by most successful bettors. The simple reason for this is the fact that alcohol affects your decision making. Alcohol and profitable betting never go hand in hand. Ensure that you are thinking with a clear mind if you wish to avoid reckless betting decisions.

Research Matters

Betting is profitable only when you do your research well. A sportsbook may not offer you the best advice because they have their vested interests in the bets you make. Hence, do your research beforehand. Betting experts believe in specializing in a niche. If you wish to be a successful bettor, understand your niche well and use the resources that you have to make profitable bets.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cricket Betting Tips

Betting on cricket matches and cricket players has been going on for decades. Today there are number of online sites which offer betting services. Most of these sites allow people to place bets on games going on in all the prominent cricket playing countries.

In any form of gambling and while placing bets it is important to know what the odds are and what you are up against. Cricket being a very unpredictable game the odds can change within a couple of balls or in an over or two. Those who are serious about betting will need first hand complete information on the teams that are competing.

Betting sites accepts bets on how many runs will be scored by a team and/or an individual, how many wickets will fall in an innings, which bowler takes the maximum wickets and so on. Bets are accepted for test, one day international, 20 twenty and county cricket matches.

Matches in which bets can be placed are called betting markets. Bettors need to know the strengths and weakness of not only the teams but also the individuals who constitute the team. It is not always prudent to go by what the bookies tell you. Going against what the bookie suggests might seem a daunting thing to do but with cricket such decisions can reap very high returns on bets.

If you are going to be placing bets on an individual player it is advisable to look up the player’s performance over the last couple of years. There are few who consistently perform well, whether it be batting or blowing. Unless you have relevant data to help take the decisions you might end up losing what you have placed on bets. Bookies are likely to promote one or two star performers even if they have not been playing well in the recent games or even of a year. Bettors would do well to make their own judgements in such cases.

Cricket betting is not legal in some of the cricket playing countries hence it is best to check the credentials of the site or agency you are placing your bets with. Illegal betting on cricket matches can land bettors in jail for years so it is worth being careful.

To get a hang of what to bet on bettors should first get used to the teams and players they are interested in. By following the game regularly over a period of time you would be able to predict what the team would do if they win the toss on a particular kind of pitch, which batsmen or bowler are likely to do well on such pitches.

Test matches are a five day affair so the resources can be used smartly over all the five days depending on how the game is progressing. One day internationals and 20 Twenty are shorter versions of the game which give higher returns. At the same time the fortunes turn very easily in these games. Decisions will have to be taken quickly.

Cricket betting has become a lot easier than before and a little complicated at the same time. There are sites which offer good advice on which games to bet on, which betting sites are reliable and so on. There are also sites which offer comparisons of odds offered by various bookmakers. All this enables a person to place a bet based on detailed information and makes the bets a result of knowledgeable decision making and not a spur of the moment thing. Bettors will have to learn to make best use of the information that is available.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Everton v Wigan Saturday Football Line up

On the 30th of August at 1500 hours, Everton will host Wigan at their home ground, the Goodison Park. Starting out, Everton are definitely the favorites, especially since they are the stronger side and they will be playing at home. However, Wigan does have a few tricks up its sleeve, and they will be hoping to win this match and thereby boost their players' confidence. The betting odds are definitely in favour of Everton, with Betfair offering 1.65 for an Everton win, 3.5 for a draw and 3.95 for a Wigan Athletic win. Other betting sites are offering similar odds with Bet Click offering -143, 250, 400 for an Everton win, draw and a Wigan win respectively. Centre Bet is offering -137 for an Everton win, 255 for a draw and 400 for a Wigan win and Expekt is giving odds of -133, 255, 360 for Liverpool, draw and Wigan respectively.

Everton finished in 5th place last season, and they will be hoping to improve their rankings this year. The Everton team has undergone very few changes since the last season and all their players have become very accustomed to playing with each other as a team. The team will be looking to win this game, especially after their humiliating 1-6 loss to Arsenal in their first match of the season. Their fans will be hoping that the loss to Arsenal will spur the team on to victory in their coming matches. The home team Everton will be playing a 4-5-1 formation and will feature only one striker, Louis Saha. Tim Cahill, with 130 goals for the team, will probably assist Saha when there is a counter attack. Their manager David Moyes has been ably handling this team for over 6 seasons now, and understands the players very well. This season they have acquired Jo, who is on loan from Manchester City, and he will definitely be an asset to the team. The team has also retained all its major players for the season, and these players are all looking to make a mark this season.

The Wigan Athletic team this season is completely different from the team that was playing last season. During the 2008/2009 season, the team finished 11th, but this year, with their new coach and players; they will most definitely be looking to improve their rankings. In order to do this, they will have to look to win as many games as possible, and they will be relying heavily on their new manager and players to achieve this. They seem to have lost many of their key players to other sides, and this will definitely prove to be a disadvantage. On the other hand, they have recently acquired many new players like Jordi Gomez, Hendry Thomas, James McCarthy, Antonio Amaya and Jason Scotland. In addition, they have gotten Scott Sinclair on loan from Chelsea. Unfortunately for the team, they recently lost their star player, Antonio Valencia to Manchester United for £16 million. The team also has a new manager this year in Roberto Martinez. Another big blow for the team is the loss of Lee Cattermole, their star player, who has shifted to Sunderland. However, there will be a lot expected from their new signing, especially N’Zogbia and Bramble who have come in to the team from Newcastle. The Latics will definitely be looking for these players to deliver the goods as they come up against a formidable opposition like Everton.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burnley v Manchester United

Ardent followers of the Premier League will recall how newcomers Burnley managed to pull of incredible victories against seasoned teams like Chelsea and Arsenal last year. Their nascent Premier League ambitions were brutally cut short by Tottenham in the semi finals. Burnley returns to the Premier League this year, having signed up promising Scottish international Steven Fletcher, in the midst of much expectation. However, the team has more or less failed to live up to the hype and, to a large extent, been unable to replicate their previous year’s success. They have lost 5 of their 6 pre season encounters, having managed to notch up a victory only against Sheffield United. Overall, bookmakers predict that their odds of winning the Premier League on current form are pretty slim, about 10000:1. Bookmakers at Sky Sports predict that the team will most likely finish 20th on the points table.

The Burnley team is packed with some fine young players including Stephen Fletcher but their relative lack of experience has definitely been a cause for concern. Game analysts believe that Stephen Fletcher could be the highest scorer for the club this season. Another new entrant, the Ecuadorian Fernando Guerrero all of 19 years of age and the club’s sixth new signing this season, has spent an impressive season with Real Madrid. Club manager Owen Coyle believes that Guerrero has ‘unbelievable potential’ and the team will definitely benefit from the presence of this young talent. Guerrero joins other new signees like David Edgar, Stephen Fletcher, Richard Eckersley, Tyrone Mears and Brian Easton for Burnley’s Premier League outing this year. No doubt that Burnley has got some serious talent, but whether this talent will translate into a victory is what remains to be seen. Betsson has a 10% bet for home and 20% for a draw and 70% for Away.

Contrasted with that Premier League stalwart Manchester United is on a pre season high, having creamed the opposition in the past. However minus star performer Christiano Ronaldo, speculation has been rife as to whether last year’s winners will be able to hold on to their title. Manchester United won their third successive Premier League last year; they would definitely want to carry on the momentum this season too. Ronaldo has made way for ex-Wigan player Antonio Valencia. Valencia has definitely shown some promise in the preseason friendlies. However, it is widely believed that the exit of Ronaldo could have a positive effect on the game Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney looks like he is in top form and has capitalized in the central position, which he had often given up to Ronaldo. As such, even though at first sight Manchester United might seem depleted without Ronaldo the sheer depth of their playing side continues to remain their biggest strength. Bookmakers peg a 2/1 odds of Manchester United winning the title this year. New signing Michael Owen is 10/1 for being the League’s top scorer this season.

With the duo set to clash on the 19th of August there is little argument that the favorites to win the match are definitely Manchester United. According to experts at current odds for Burnley winning are at 7.4/1 and for Manchester United are at 1.39/1. Odds for a draw stand at 3.95/1. puts the advantage firmly in favor of Manchester United with a 70% probability of victory. Burnley has a 10% chance of victory and the possibility of a draw stands at 20% according to them. Burnley would definitely benefit from going in as underdogs with virtually zero burden of expectation to contend with.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Football Star Beckham in His Element on the Field

David, along with Victoria Beckham, who attended the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Awards on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, expressed his satisfaction at being accorded a red carpet welcome.

A red carpet will not be rolled out for Beckham when he hits the field Saturday night at Giants Stadium where the match between the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Red Bulls is slated to be thrashed out. Even with a sizeable following in the United States, Beckham well understands the subdued stature that his brand of the sport commands amongst the American people. One might correctly say that the non-American brand of football is viewed here with a certain amount of forbearance that borders on cultivated respect that is at best shallow- sentiments made possible through exposure lent by cable and internet.

The ESPY party that Beckham attended did not do enough justice to his stardom status what with some celebrities showing some pre-occupation with Boston Celtics who were also present. However, this hardly made an impact on his composure as he knew the craze that American football, baseball and basketball commanded and his own international stature in world soccer which had earned him millions and made him one of the best proponents of the game.

Beckham’s public appearance, on every occasion, makes him an ambassador of soccer and a promoter of the sport in the United States, whether appropriately or not.

The Beckhams were leaving a restaurant one night some time back when they were confronted by about 70 enthusiasts- some belonging to the press and others who simply craved the company of celebrities. A random photograph that was taken during the occasion was scrutinized by experts in facial expressions belonging to The Daily Star, a British tabloid. Their verdict painted a skewed conjugal life of the Beckhams in Los Angeles and which they were trying to set straight.

After earlier attending a news conference in New Jersey on Friday and during a private interview in Manhattan Beckham said, “You laugh about it or you’ll go crazy.”

Not only are the Beckhams here to promote Major League Soccer but also themselves. But that does, in no way, detract from David’s fundamental image as one who plays superlative football as part of his team.

Most singers, who often find they are in maximum control of their jet set lives when they are deciding on their next song or interaction with the audience, could not agree with Beckham more when he said, “The safest place, the best place, is when I’m on the field.”
During his bus ride from New Jersey with his team Beckham said, “The banter never gets old.” The jibes, name calling and mirth are not foreign to him and things he grew up with in north London.

“The kids today want to be famous and make a lot of money,” he remarked. “Back then, you just wanted to play the game. I didn’t even think about all that stuff.”

David and his better half, also known to her fans as Posh of the Spice Girls, have, though, not entirely given the impression of being divorced from “all that stuff” and have, doubtlessly, lead a very materialistic life but which, in no way, diminished his excellence at the sport- even at 33.

Beckham’s popularity with his fans can be gauged from the fact that last August, even though he was disadvantaged with an injured ankle, a 66,237 strong crowd gathered to watch his performance at Meadowsland. This was the largest at Giant Stadium since 1980 for a league match. The same stadium had been witness to the likes of Pele and Beckenbauer and Beckham proved his point when he scored two early goals via free kicks with the help of his teammates.

Though Beckham has no expectation of a red carpet welcome when he plays against the Red Bulls on Saturday night, he surely would not mind some occasionally.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

MSU’s Success in Football Crucial for Funding Entire Athletic Department

Michigan State University’s last athletic director who took its football team to the prestigious Rose Bowl Stadium was Doug Weaver who in Jan 1988 fulfilled this dream with George Perles, MSU’s football coach that year.

Mark Hollis, MSU’s present athletic director is working towards achieving the same after 20years. "The goal is that going into every year, we have that legitimate anticipation that the year could end in the Rose Bowl," Hollis remarked.

While the MSU Spartans have not had consecutive winnings since then, latest federal reports state that it was the fourth-most-profitable football program at Big Ten's in 2006-07 with a profit of $18.3 million. The first three included Michigan that made profits of $36.1 million while Penn State made $29.4 million and Ohio State made $26.6 million.

"We're all in this," said present football coach Mark Dantonio who raised everyone’s expectations with a 7-6 debut season in 2007. "It's not just the football coaches, its marketing, it's everything that goes into it. I've said from day one, it's not about one coach, one player. It's about everyone, and if we're all going in one direction, we can be ultra-successful," Dantonio added.

Though in last fall Hollis openly expressed his plans to give football priority over others, it cannot be denied that the men’s basketball team which made a profit of $6.8 million in 2006-07 under Tom Izzo’s coaching also contributed to the athletic department and as well as the university.
But with the escalating athletic budgets, it is not an exaggerated conclusion that not only MSU but other universities also need strong football programs and are therefore also investing more towards the same.

"You can't be successful anymore without football," commented Tome Izzo. "It's the only thing that gives you a chance. Indiana needs football to come around. Duke's been (OK without it), but look at Kentucky, even they've had to get football going," Izzo added.

While Duke in its efforts to transform its bad football program pays David Cutcliffe $1.5 million a year, $400,000 more than Dantonio’s annual earnings; Indiana has so far survived on its storied basketball program making more profits than football in 2006-07.

While former head coach Terry Hoeppner made $550,000 a year, IU added luxury seating to the Memorial Stadium. However with his death in death in June 2007 due to brain cancer, IU athletic director Rick Greenspan recently emphasized on football. “We need it more now than ever for a lot of reasons. There's the money requirement, and there's the cultural requirement for all our programs, it affects how donors and others feel about the school. It's too big and too important to be bad," Greenspan concluded.

While Spartan Stadium's capacity is 75,005, it is well behind Ohio State’s capacity of 102,329 and Penn State’s capacity of 107,282 clearly pointing to the cause for the differences in their profits.

While MSU’s expected season-ticket sales are surprisingly 1,000 short of its last season’s despite the team’s victory in the 2007 season; Hollis reasons that it is due to most people moving out from the state for better economic conditions.

While 19 of the 24 suites that range from $35,000 to $80,000 have already been sold for the coming season, MSU is still working towards selling all the luxury seating that was a part of the $64 million Spartan Stadium expansion in 2005.

"Am I happy with where we are? No. With the club seats revenue-wise, we're OK, as far as making our ($3.2 million annual debt) payments for the building. But you don't want to look up and see a half-full building. That's a negative,” commented Hollis.

With just 496 out of the 838 club seats sold, outer-most club seats are now available at discounted rates dropping from $4,500 to $3,000 a year due to slow openings.
"We've invested a lot into football, and when you're investing like us, it's critical that your program is successful," Hollis added.

If MSU consistently wins under Dantonio’s coaching, there is a possibility of high ticket demands that may help face tough economic conditions.

"If they max out, then at least for five or 10 years, there should be no real issues with their budget," remarked Richard Sheehan, a Notre Dame finance professor who specializes in college sports finance.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ancient small-school football rivalry in the south spreads to all sports

With the first gridiron feud between these two Virginia schools starting in 1883, the fact that the rivalry has not ended even after 125 years goes on to prove that this small-school rivalry is probably the oldest in the South.

While the college students from Hampden-Sydney celebrated their 24-10 victory in the 100th game over rivals Yellow Jackets from the near Randolph-Macon College, they displayed their joy in the same fashion as their seniors had in 1994. Sawing off a piece of one of their goal posts’ and keeping it with themselves, the HSC students paraded with whatever else was left of the aluminum structure along the hill surrounding Hundley Stadium and then threw it into the Chalgrove Lake. While in 1994 the triumph saw the school erecting a plaque at the foot of the lake, the sawed off piece of goal post which the players had retained with themselves started a tradition among the Tigers who touched it before every home game until in 2000 when the goalpost mysteriously disappeared.

HSC’s 1993 defeat by RMC in what was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first football game played between them in1893, made their victory in this recent 100th match all the more memorable for HSC. In ’93, the then RMC president Ladell Payne announced the seven days preceding the HSC football game as "Beat Hampden-Sydney Week." For these reasons, it is no surprise that the upcoming 114th meeting between these two schools separated by just 78 miles has now become famous as "The Game."

While the rivalry started at the football field, it has now penetrated deeper. "It goes across all sports. It goes back to the fact that both schools are very similar to each other. We used to both be all-male [Hampden-Sydney still is; Randolph-Macon went co-ed in 1972]; academically we're similar [both are liberal arts schools with enrollments of just over 1,100 students]; and both are [close to] Richmond,” commented HSC’s athletic director and AD Joe Bush, who coached the football team to victory in the 100th game.

While the football war has been over a century old, the last decade saw the rivalry gaining national attention due to their success on the basketball court. Both were in the top-10 rankings. 1993 saw the HSC Tigers beat other teams to the top rank and win the national title game. While they returned to the final four in 2003, Randolph-Macon which was ranked at eighth position knocked out the Hampden-Sydney squad in the 2004 match.

"In basketball, both of us have been national players the last 10 to 12 years, both have been in the top 10," remarked ninth-year Macon head hoops coach Mike Rhoades, who guided the Yellow Jackets to four NCAA tournaments and has earned the team a .704 winning percentage since his arrival. "In the 2003 game at our place, we were ranked No. 1 and Hampden-Sydney was ranked No. 3. The game was sold out two weeks prior. We had to put in what I call 'Gucci rows' for alums who wanted to sit in the first two rows. We won the game and earned the top seed in the [Old Dominion Athletic Conference] tournament, then beat them in the finals on a tip-in."

While every rivalry’s on-field scraps adds to its airs, small riots among team supporters take away its dignity. The Tigers-Yellow Jackets rivalry however, has taken a more classy tone in the last few years.

"There used to be a lot of shenanigans," Bush said. "But the last six, seven years it's been more respectful."

With Sydney and Macon students taking to activities like blood drives and coin drives, more peaceful battles precede up to The Game.

"It's mostly really classy," said Rhoades. "But when the ball goes up? You talk about going at each other's throats. And it doesn't matter if it's in basketball, football, lacrosse or the debate teams."

With former game-week traditions like "Running of the Football", which was a sort of relay where the football was carried on foot between campuses and handed off as baton at the midway point between the two schools, the games and rivalries have not fallen to cheap tactics by either schools, living up to the glory of good sportsmanship.

"At the end of the day, each school has a significant amount of respect for one another," added former HSC lacrosse All-American Chris Schaaf. "But it is very easy to put that behind us as soon as the whistle blows."


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Russia enjoys the Hiddink revolution

If you have been watching the Euro 2008 championships, you would have noticed the Russian advance through the various stages culminating in their booking a semi-final berth. For a side that was written off not long ago, the very fact that they reached the semi-final is in itself a great achievement. The credit for this amazing turnaround goes to the Russian side and its famous coach, Guus Hiddink. For a man who is one of the most sought after coaches at this level of the game, he has proved his top label status.

Guus Hiddink knows a thing or two about making the sides advance in the stages of a championship. He has taken South Korea to the semi-finals of the world cup and Australia to the second round of the world cup. A native Dutchman, he has also coached the Dutch side in some memorable victories that include the world cup finals. And last week, when Russia and Holland faced each other, it was hard to tell what was going on through Hiddink’s mind. As he put it, he would be regarded as a traitor in his native country if Russia won. And it did. Though, in these days of competitive football, coaching is a lucrative proposition that knows no boundaries. A fact that men like Hiddink have realized to their benefit.

Before the clash with the Dutch side, Hiddink had though out a strategy that would ensure that Russia would forge ahead. As such, Russia is an emerging side and a force to reckon with, given the fact that it has the UEFA cup winners and also that six of their clubs have qualified for the premier European championship. When Hiddink was appointed to coach the Russian side, many viewed it as being short-tem in outlook which was further bolstered by his 2 Million a year salary. The striking thing that emerged is that Hiddink has embraced a surprisingly long term vision.

He has repeatedly stressed that the Russian federation or the governing body for football in Russia would well be advised to continue the momentum after Euro 2008 and use it to build the infrastructure and team for the next world cup. Though his mandate was to ensure that Russia went into the knock-out phase, Hiddink is not the one to rest on his laurels. Instead, he wants the team to emerge as one of the stronger teams in Europe.

Hiddink started with several advantages. Not only is the fact that the average age in his side is 26 but also the team is packed with several gifted players. Andrei Arshavin and the full-backs Aleksandr Anyukov and Yuri Zhirkov, and the striker Roman Pavlyuchenko have outstanding ability. Then there are the midfielders in Igor Semshov, Konstantin Zyryanov and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov who are slick ball passers. And this young team may well make it to the final and possibly the cup with some application and Hiddink’s insights.

As Hiddink says, "We have to give our young players a chance and educate them in a new, modern way. If we do that, this big country - not now, but tomorrow - will become one of the leading national teams in Europe. Responsible people must provide the next step in the development of this country's young players on the back of what the 'A' team have achieved at these finals." And it is this vision that has captured the imagination of the fans and players alike.

So, it is anybody’s guess as to where the Euro 2008 final stage is headed. But one thing is for sure, Hiddink has brought in a measure of change to the Russian side. It is now up to the players and the federation to make the best of this opportunity.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Fitting finale to an Exciting championship

The recently concluded Euro 2008 championships in Switzerland were a resounding success by all accounts. If it was a spectator’s delight watching the scintillating games, it was an organizational and logistical success from the administrator’s point of view as well. The Swiss Defence Minister Samuel Schmid declared on Sunday that "It's been a mega event. The third-biggest sporting event in the world has been organized with no problems. In Switzerland we've had fewer traffic bottlenecks, less road congestion and even the crime rate dropped in some places."

There was also praise all round that the event has been a success in the ecological sense. In environmentally conscious Europe, these things count a lot and any event is viewed for not only the show it has to offer but the way in which it handles the sensitive environmental issues or the “green” things. Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer said,” "This was a green European Championships because much of the traffic - long distance and in the cities - was carried by public transport, The negative scenarios that had been announced by certain prophets of doom, that city centers would be destroyed, that there would be hooligans all over the place that the public parks would be ruined. All sorts of fears and anxieties had been expressed, but nothing like that happened."

Of course not everything was ideal in the sense that the weather played spoilsport more than once. There was a power cut during the Germany- Turkey semi final. And both the hosts, Switzerland and Austria were knocked out early leading to the tournament having more viewer ship out side rather than in the home countries. The interesting fact about the championship was the record audience who were glued on to their TV’s each day. And considering the fact that many people in Asia stayed up the night to watch the games is an encouraging fact for anyone who is interested in popularizing the game.

The delightful show of skill and style on display added to the charm of the tournament. And very few matches were decided on penalties leading to what many called a tournament that did not “go to the death”. Plus, the crowd behavior was good and the fan violence was absent. The very sight of over a hundred thousand Dutch fans passing peacefully through the city of Bern was a heart warming sight. And as the fans chanted, “As a finishing touch, God created the Dutch”, it was for a while a totally Dutch affair until their surprise loss in the semi-finals.
There were also some sensible refereeing decisions though the gamesmanship did not always translate into sportsmanship. As the clock ticks towards the next Euro championship in Poland and Ukraine amid concerns from critics about the viability of the games being held there, it is worth noting that UEFA is rich enough to take these countries into their sponsorship, if needed.

As the curtains came down on the Euro 2008 and it was next time whoever (depending on which side you were supporting), one could not but marvel at the Spaniards and the Germans for their incredible run throughout the tournament. If the absence of Ballack was a dampener for the Germans, the Golden Boot that went to Hernandez was more than enough to see Spain through. All in all, it was an extravaganza to remember and more so for the surprise winners Spain. The doubts on the smooth conduct of the Euro 2008 were dispelled and this meant that the game emerged stronger after the show was over and it’s over to the next edition.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sanchez Happy With Fulham Revival

Although drubbed by Arsenal in the Barclaycard Premier League opener, Fulham manager Lawrie Sanchez has hardly any doubts about the strength of his defense. He is the person who has been credited with the revival of the side. Fulham was not in the best of form when he had taken over the mantle of leading the side towards the end of last season.

Chris Coleman, the predecessor to Sanchez, was under a cloud of suspicion for his inability to motivate the side. Fulham’s defense had appeared ineffective as they had been crushed by Manchester United 4-0, with over 20 minutes left in the game.

However, the 2-1 victory against Bolton on Wednesday, the 15th of August, will certainly motivate the side. With a late aggression, Fulham had managed to compensate for the early Helguson goal. Appearing supremely content with his team’s performance, Sanchez had said,

"You couldn't ask for a bigger bounce back than from the goal we conceded, so hopefully that is an indication of what we can do this season and where we are.”

"We are a resilient team. We conceded 60 goals last year and often we were very much in the game until the second goal went against us and it ended in a three or four-goal collapse.”

"We were under a lot of pressure at the end and you would have hated to concede late on and end up with one point out of the game. So our ability to hold out will stand us in good stead when we are in similar situations throughout the season.”

Well, we certainly hope that his conviction in his side is no pretence. From what we have seen so far, Fulham is shaping-up quite well.

Sanchez is very pleased with David Healy's excellent run after scoring his second in the tournament. His first goal came against Arsenal on Sunday. Sanchez backs this talented youngster to the hilt after observing him perform brilliantly against England and Spain. Moreover, he was the only person who had complete faith in Healy, and his league performance would certainly gladden Sanchez’ heart.

Sanchez had said,

"Perhaps people had an idea that David was a prima donna but anyone who saw him in the two games can see his work-rate for the team is top notch as well, and always has been."

On the other hand, Bolton’s boss Sammy Lee is yet to contribute significantly to the side. Bolton has lost both its games and Lee will certainly be having sleepless nights.
Well, we believe fortune favors the brave and right now, Sanchez seems to be The Man.